Crystal Gail Mangum — Handwritten Report —

3) that somebody absolutely hoping Mangum she you may talk “into people in the N&O” without any care and attention your “No lady” would do anything to troubled possible, especially the hopes Mangum got then to possess a “larger settlement” regarding men and women rich, light Duke men;

Rashida Rawls, (FL) Ocala:Almost every other due apologies for the Duke circumstances — Regardless of the disbarment out of previous Durham State District Lawyer Mike Nifong and you can Duke University’s economic settlement to your groups of new school lacrosse team members who were falsely accused away from raping a lady, certain trust there are certainly others exactly who got corners about disagreement just who would be to apologize.

Certain website subscribers questioned why brand new Rev. Al Sharpton and the Rev. Jesse Jackson , who spoke on behalf of your own lady exactly who produced the brand new not the case accusations, haven’t spoken right up as circumstances unraveled.

Should they feel held accountable toward Duke students’ embarrassment, too? Or was indeed they just seeking to provide attention to what they imagine are a keen injustice? .

Toward Friday May 13th, Shortly after creating my nails and you may my tresses, We obtained a trip regarding Tammy, the owner of Angels companion provider

As for Pressler, the fresh well known circumstances prices him dearly. Their team’s year try terminated, and then he shed one of the most esteemed services on athletics.

This week, specific solicitors went to a professional invention panel to know the rush to help you judgment occurred and you may whatever they perform to cease things equivalent off taking place in the future.

Rusty Jacobs, NPR:Lacrosse Case a reading Tool for Attorneys — Most likely, · Attorneys during the New york are making an effort to discover some training off the new botched prosecution off three Duke lacrosse players who were wrongly implicated from sexually attacking an exotic dancer

Tammy told you stated that “there will be a bachelors party at 11 pm tonight, there will be a group of guys and the guys name is Dan Flannagahn. The address is 610 N. Buchanan Blvd. She that that Melissa could call back later, closer to the time of the appointment to give the directions. I then get dressed, and my father took me to Brian’s house. When I arrived at Brian’s it was about 9:30-10pm. At Brian’s house I had two 22 ounce Ice house beers, and I took a shower. Brian and I left his house (at the Bridges of Southpoint) about , Melissa called around to give us directions. She gave directions several times because Brian and I kept getting lost.

I started to the fresh new cluster on pm. When i arrived We spotted from the 10 people surrounding Nikki during the the back lawn, and additionally they have been all carrying beverages and additionally Nikki. Nikki and i welcomed both. Whenever we become hugging the guys come shouting “yeah.”

Nikki and that i spoke for about 5 minutes. She questioned me personally my name and that i requested hers. As we exchanged names i began speaking of our routine, and just how we had been planning dance. Both of us agreed this particular is actually our very own very first time starting a bachelor class. The people (entitled Dan, and you will Brett) showed us to the toilet. We went into bathroom and you may sealed the entranceway. “Dan” kicked on the doorway and expected if desired a drink. We said sure. The guy offered united states a glass or two and now we continued to speak. Two of the men come to force their way into the bathroom whenever you are Nikki and that i have been talking. The guy told you “What’s the problem” get-out right here today” There were regarding 15 men beyond your home yelling “come on show us some thing” “Let’s select some step.” Just after Nikki and that i showed up. We started initially to moving (attempted to) when one mentioned that he had been planning to stick a good broom stick up our asses. As he asserted that, others males (regarding the 30) been yelling “Let us screw these types of black bitches,” Nikki and i also come sobbing. We informed Dan that i requisite