ENFJ and INFP are not ideal match. as they real paring

??I don’t say this couple is failing. It just means there are many difficulties and you can get close anytime if you try and care. If you try to be considerate, you will create a compatible compatibility.

??Most of the compatibility charts circulating on the Internet have been discussed by Facebook Group and analyzed in detail, and it is judged to be false because there is no solid basis. Therefore, you can ignore it and move on. What I want to say while writing this is that I cannot give clarity to this logic.

??Please refrain from excessive blind faith. Relationships are determined by the environment and the situation, and the theory of relationships does not fully explain them.

This is observation, experience, analysis. I don’t want to hurt you with this article. I just want to tell you the truth. I’m talking for you, for false knowledge. We must realize this and we must not neglect it. We must seek and dig the truth.

I’m ready to respect them even if they disagree. Google’s personality page says, “ENFJ’s natural partners are INFP and ISFP.” That’s actually wrong.

All of these errors began with the distortion of the theory of perspective. They saw in the Socionics that the mirror relationship was the best in the middle, and the Socionics type and MBTI type were so similar that they misinterpreted the contrary relationship as a mirror relationship that they made the wrong information.

Socionics contrary relationship is ENFJ and INFP.Socionics type INFp – SiFe psychological functions use= MBTI INFJ type.Socionics type INFj – FiSe psychological functions use= MBTI INFP type.

2. The two types are the exact opposite of the psychological function of personality. Psychological function is the function of the mental class representing personality, and therefore the personalities of the two are the opposite.

In the theory of Socionics, INFP and ENFJ are the contrary relationship

Therefore, it is no exaggeration to say that the contrary relationship is true in Socionics theory. Their four functions are all the opposite, so their minds and values are different. This difference is likely to cause many conflicts. And there is nothing in common because psychological functions are all contradictory. Also, their psychological functions can misunderstand and distort each other’s thoughts because of different languages.

2. 2. In the theory of socionics, ESFJ and ISFP are diametrically contrary relationships. In other words, they belong to a bad relationship.

3. This relationship is very insufficient and a bad one because it can complement each other’s weaknesses personally, but only a little. This relationship is also quite the opposite.

4. Here, provide four identical functions in different directions to two people on the same channel. And, simultaneously – not a single identical communication function for the same function. This means that these partners do not have an important area to have the same perspective.

It relationship hard, but it doesn’t really make your relationship that way

If attention is paid to external processes through extroverted functions, the other focuses on internal states through introverted functions, and vice versa. As a result, it becomes difficult for these partners to understand and agree with each other, if they intentionally intend to look at the same problem from the opposite perspective – this is sometimes https://besthookupwebsites.org/cs/fastflirting-recenze/ beneficial for creative research.

So during the meeting, they are attracted to each other’s “mystery.” This often leads to hasty union and ong people in this relationship. Not surprisingly, the lives of spouses in these families can be quite tense and difficult, often in danger of breaking up or divorce.