He was not expecting to wind up smashing towards their roommate’s date, a pleasant boy called hoseok

immediately after a big scandal, rapper Agust D hides along with his family members to end hearsay throughout the him. however, a struggle with their mommy pushes him to find his youthfulness home town next-door neighbor since hideout as an alternative. today he’s got to call home that have park jimin, his neighbor’s guy and you can yoongi’s very first like.


jimin constantly thinks he’s finally over it up to there’s something you to makes your return and you may read he’s never ever prevented getting crazy about yoongi. however, it doesn’t matter what long passes by as well as how far they’ve changed, it however are unable to operate on the common feelings.

mandatory heterosexuality

yoonmin: Jimin are struggling to find a sweetheart given that their close friends is relationships, and all sorts of the guy do was 3rd controls to them. unfortuitously, all their schedules are a mess, along with his gorgeous and also upright second-door neighbor Min Yoongi provides and then make enjoyable off him

namseok: Namjoon requires their roommate’s promote to remain in his flat whenever it go back to Seoul given that sticking with his best friend are a headache. One wasn’t a sensible disperse.


some things about yoongi: he or she is a dreamwalker and you will he or she is in love with their friend park jimin. possibly he thinks it’s shared. but jimin just reveals their thoughts during their mutual hopes and dreams and you may the guy doesn’t remember them as he gets right up otherwise, no less than, the guy serves including he doesn’t

fairy bien au

yoonmin: yoongi wanted to eliminate their workload and private issues, he did not intent to locate an effective fairy titled jimin on woods, considerably less towards fairy to follow your straight back, declining to go away yoongi’s household given that he desires to assist your. yoongi presumptions he might utilize the organization

taekook: given that a 1 / 2-fairy surviving in the town, taehyung cannot become connected to their fairy side. once jimin, a good fairy hitched to help you a person becomes taehyung’s pal and introduces him so you can jungkoo, a quiet but lovely fairy, taehyung begins watching the world in different ways.

first time collection

taekook: Jimin, Taehyung and you may Jungkook try virgins. They are used so you can bad responses because people trust becoming an effective virgin at the 23 try unusual even so they have found solace in the other. Up until Jimin loses his virginity and then Taehyung and Jungkook wanted outside of the bar as well

yoonmin: Jimin wasn’t hoping to meet the that, even less “usually the one” becoming Minute Yoongi, his annoying https://datingranking.net/es/sitios-de-citas-catolicas professor assistant. Shedding his virginity you are going to become truth since the session is more than. But there is difficulty: the guy possibly lied in order to Yoongi regarding the not-being a good virgin.

nam2seok: Namjoon and you may Hoseok might be best loved ones whose entire dynamic turns upside off after they see Kim Seokjin, the fresh good looking cousin out-of a mutual pal away from theirs. It want to participate and follow your, simply for Seokjin to inform them he’d such as for example both of him or her.

kindergarten au

yoongi seems to get a break off all works the guy should do from the his business to visit their son’s recital having dad’s day at their preschool. yoongi discovers themselves a small flustered when he sees their son’s teacher on-stage to the children, dressed as the a red canine.

hybrids bien au

yoonmin: jimin wasn’t meant to see one to his crush, well-known minute yoongi out-of tunes agency, might have been concealing most of the along that he is a cat crossbreed. sharing a secret is always to provide him or her better but yoongi generally seems to provides an issue with humans, or which have jimin himself.

taekook: given that jungkook is unlucky really the only area they can afford lease to own is one that have an effective tiger hybrid neighbor. name jungkook old fashioned however, he prioritizes safeguards and then he believes rabbit hybrids particularly your -preys- should not been close to predators including the tiger across the hall.